Tut and Groan is a series of wordplay cartoons scientifically designed to make you roll your eyes. The brainchild of me- Tom Nash- T&G started off with a focus on simple but evocative drawings that, with a bit of luck, raise a smile.

As the webcomic has progressed and matured I’ve expanded into comic strips- mainly three and six panel strips- plus I started sharing opinion-based cartoons. The state of the world has forced the odd political piece as well, when appropriate (side look at camera).

Meet the Artist

Tut and Groan Meet the Artist cartoon

I also write fiction, bad poetry and the occasional opinion piece, although T&G is increasingly taking more of my time. You can read a lot of my work over at thewritetomnash.co.uk if you’ve made it through all of the cartoons.

Tut and Groan started as a private way to keep myself creating new ideas while working on uninspiring projects that pay the bills. It has since snowballed into something bigger, despite my lack of drawing skill. I have drawn the attention of publishing houses and even failed to crowdfund a book of the greatest T&G comics on Unbound… Next time, we’ll smash it.