T&G Elsewhere

T&G Smile imageIf you fancy a chat about bees (I like bees- they’re easy to draw) or you’d just like to tell me to fuck off and die, the best place to do so is probably the T&G Twitter account. I have a cool pen scribbling notification mp3 that goes off each time someone sends me abuse and everything. There are a number of other places you can find your faviourite badly drawn webcomic…

T&G has a Facebook Page that is updated daily, despite the fuckers throttling the reach of our posts (your likes are *really* needed, so please do so if you can). T&G is also on Instagram and I try to update that account with the latest comics when I can

I submit to reddit very occasionally, the profile is named tutandgroan, funnily enough, and there is also a T&G Tumblr as well. I have every base covered.