Privacy Policy

Tut and Groan is me, Tom Nash, a bloke who draws rubbish pictures for the internet and attempts to sell a bit of merchandise on the side. As T&G sells stuff and tracks visitors, I decided it’s better to be safe than sorry, so here is a cheeky little Privacy Policy.

This website uses Google Analytics and Jetpack by WordPress to record anonymous visitor data, the Facebook Pixel to… do whatever that does, and if you decide to join the mailing list, that’s maintained by Mailchimp. You’ll need to check out their privacy policies if you’re concerned about what they do (and you really should be). Basically, this means that if you have a Facebook account and you interact with this website, chances are you’ll be targeted if I ever put my hand in my pocket and advertise on that binfire hell site (not likely, I’ll be honest).

I, Tom, and the entity that is Tut and Groan, will never share your data with anyone else. If you choose to join the mailing list, you may be notified of new items for sale in the shop if I can be bothered, but even then, I’ll probably forget, so… yeah.