Bargain Goody Bag


An amazing selection of hand-crafted Tut and Groan merch that is taking up too much space in the T&G Super Secrect Volcano Lair. A whole heap of goodies- great value and you’re supporting independent… art?

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The Tut and Groan Super Secret Volcano Lair is in desperate need of a clear out. You can help.

Simply chuck £15 my way (UK folk only, unfortunately- international heads, pop an email to tom @ the url and we’ll see if it’s even economically viable to smuggle contraband off Brexit Island these days) and I shall send you an exclusive Tut and Groan Bargain Goody Bag™ consisting of:

  • a hand-sublimated or hand-set vinyl heat-pressed t-shirt
  • a hand-sublimated Tut and Groan mug
  • a hand-sublimated tote bag
  • a copy of The Tut and Groan Collection zine
  • a copy of The Tut and Groan Collection (Swear-Free Edition) mini-zine
  • a variety of handmade keyrings
  • a range of hand-pressed badges
  • a hand-sublimated fridge magnet
  • a selection of handmade cynical greetings cards
  • a5 prints of classic T&G comics

Not a bad deal, right? All while stock of each lasts, of course- I have more of some things than others.

Get a headstart on your Christmas shopping and treat someone you love to some extremely obscure, terribly niche hack webcomic merchandise and support an independent creative while you’re at it. I can see no down side…

Let me know your t-shirt size when you place your order and I’ll get your Bargain Goody Bag in the post as soon as feasibly possible.

Sizes available: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL

If you order and I’ve run out of t-shirts in your size, I’ll give you a shout about alternatives. Nice one