Top Toons of 2017

Gather round, children. It’s time for the obligatory yearly run down of the 10 most viewed Tut and Groan comics over the last 12 months. As with last year, 2017 has been an eventful (read: shitty) one, with the UK continuing to piss all over its future and things continuing to be a bit shit all over the planet. Plus the T&G tablet of wonder, where all the T&G magic was made, died… That was balls.

The Unbound book didn’t get funded, which was disappointing, but I launched the T&G Shop at the tail end of the year, and stocked it with The Tut and Groan Collection, the first ever T&G zine. It’d be great if you could buy one…

But most importantly, I married my best friend and love of my life, which was (and continues to be) ace.

Tut and Groan Wedding Day

The most ‘popular’ T&G comic this year is a polarising one that accounts for almost a quarter of the year’s traffic (which crashed the site twice) and sparked some really unimpressive debate on reddit. If you don’t agree with it, tell someone else, eh? I turned the comments off for a reason…

So without further delay, I present the Top Ten T&G Toons of 2017:


Tut and Groan Dress for the Job You Want cartoon

Dress for the Job You Want


Tut and Groan Three Panels: Sentences cartoon

Three Panels: Sentences


Tut and Groan Six Panels: A Study of Graham and Fear cartoon

Six Panels: A Study of Graham (the Tut and Groan Office Dog) and Fear


Tut and Groan Life's Too Short cartoon

Life’s Too Short


Tut and Groan Parasite cartoon



Tut and Groan Hostile Architecture cartoon

Hostile Architecture


Tut and Groan Civil War cartoon

Civil War


Tut and Groan Three Panels: You Can't Polish a Turd cartoon

Three Panels: You Can’t Polish a Turd


Tut and Groan Forced Perspective cartoon

Forced Perspective


Tut and Groan Right Wing Politics cartoon

Three Panels: Right Wing Politics