Top Toons of 2023

Another year in the bag. Time for my annual whinge at the state of the online world followed by a list of the comics my analytics tools suggest were most popular, whatever that means these days. Let’s get it out of the way, then…

With the social media landscape fractured and numerous online communities broken, 2023 was the year that the internet ceased being fun or entertaining. For me, at least. Everyone with the most basic self esteem closed Twitter and walked away, for obvious reasons, and only the most narcissistic weirdos from your past still post on Facebook on a regular basis. Don’t get me started on LinkedIn…

The webcomic community is now a diaspora, spread out in refuges across the web. Some now reside on Mastodon, a handful on Threads, a selection of recognisible handles are now making a go of it on BlueSky… Sharing new work is a chore.

The continued enshittification of the online world (it is a real word- read this) means that even getting the data for this list is more difficult than in previous years, contributing to a general lack of enthusiasm on my part- even if this gets a few views… so what at this point?

Perhaps 2024 will be the last year of T&G. October will mark a decade since I started this foolish project. That may be a good time to call it a day…

So, for the three of you still reading, let’s have a look at the ‘most popular’ Tut and Groan comics of 2023. Surprising amount of political pieces showing- are even the thickest of fucks finally waking up to the fact that Tories aren’t very good at governance? Don’t count on it.

Tut and Groan Six Panels: Comment Visibility cartoon


Tut and Groan Covid Inquiry cartoon

Covid Inquiry

Tut and Groan Three Panels: ULEZ cartoon

Three Panels: ULEZ

Tut and Groan Cooking the Books cartoon

Cooking the Books

Tut and Groan Six Panels: Revealing cartoon

Six Panels: Revealing

Tut and Groan Three Panels: Go Woke cartoon

Three Panels: Go Woke

Tut and Groan Pulling His Leg cartoon

Pulling His Leg

Tut and Groan Six Panels: Corrupt Incompetent Tories cartoon

Six Panels: Corrupt Incompetent Tories

Tut and Groan Random Drug Testing cartoon

Random Drug Testing

Tut and Groan Six Panels: Alpha cartoon

Six Panels: Alpha