Top Toons of 2015

As Tut and Groan is no stranger to shamelessly jumping on bandwagons (you saw the Star Wars toon, right?) I thought I’d take ten minutes from my busy schedule to look at the site stats and make a quick list of the cartoons that got the highest number of views this year.

Now I’m no statistician, but I reckon the comic strips I started making this year might just be a bit more popular than the single panel toons that I have (literally until this list was being put together) considered T&G’s bread and butter.

Will this mean a change of direction in 2016? Probably not, I’m quite lazy. Plus I’m already scheduled up to April and the bulk of them are single panels.

Anyway, check out the Top Ten Tut and Groan Toons of Twenty-Fifteen. Of course the most popular one is only relevant in the last week of November and the first week of December…

Tut and Groan Commenting cartoon
Six Panels: Facebook Comments

Tut and Groan Roll Play cartoon

Tut and Groan Three Panels Shameless cartoon
Three Panels: Shameless

Tut and Groan Three Panels Tired cartoon
Three Panels: Tired

Tut and Groan Three Panels: Really Tired cartoon
Three Panels: Really Tired

Tut and Groan The Truth About My My Beard cartoon
Imagination vs Reality: My Beard

Tut and Groan Mood Swings cartoon
Mood Swings

Tut and Groan Three Panels: Frustrating cartoon
Three Panels: Frustrating

Tut and Groan Three Panels Again cartoon
Three Panels Again

Tut and Groan Three Panels: Festive cartoon
Three Panels: Festive